Top 10 Reasons You Should Think Twice Before Using Wix for Your Business Website

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Website builders like WIX, Weebly, SquareSpace, and others make it really simple to create a visually appealing website. Still, they also make it very simple to create a website that performs poorly, which is why I was inspired to compose a list of ten reasons to stay away from WIX.

The issue is that we've recently had a number of clients contact us (after using WIX) requesting assistance in enhancing their website to look more innovative, more contemporary, or to rank higher in search results. These are the top ten reasons why these services are not a good fit for your company's website.

Using Wix Makes Your Brand Look Cheap

1. Building a website is 'easy,' but why is this negative?

Indeed, since the Wix website makes everything so simple, this must be a good thing, correct? Wrong! If you approach this procedure with the expectation that it would be easy, you have the wrong notion and a terrible attitude. We prefer a good attitude; you need to channel that energy into the proper ideas and concentrate on what you enjoy and are excellent at, which is operating your business.

 2. Improper Asset Handling

It is complicated—and in some cases downright impossible—to remove, update, or even find some things, including text boxes or photos on Squarespace, Weebly, WIX website, and other alternative platforms. As your website expands, this could become an increasingly more significant issue because it will be challenging to get rid of out-of-date content.

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3. Inadequate Search Engine Tools

Website builders, such as WIX website, were really absurd a few years ago. They ran on Flash, had messed-up URLs, and didn't allow users to add ALT tags or metadata to their posts. However, WIX deserves some recognition for its tremendous growth throughout the years. However, before the professional SEO business accepts them, there is still a long way to go.

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Even though these website builder wix come with some basic SEO (search engine optimization) features, they lack the robust tools you need when compared to more open platforms like WordPress or Joomla. Additionally, issues with bloated code and website speed persist.

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In other words, you won't be appearing in search engine results as highly as you could. Website speed is just one of the numerous variables that Google considers when determining where to rank results. WIX websites typically take longer to load and are heftier.

4. Most Advertising Firms Won't Want To Collaborate With You

Since there is considerably more space to create a polished, SEO-optimized, extendable, and scalable website using an open platform like WordPress, most marketing companies choose to work with these types of websites. Using Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace will make working with a marketing agency more difficult.

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5. Wix Isn't Free! In actuality, it costs more than you anticipate

WIX does provide a free plan. Usually, I would argue that you get what you pay for, but in this instance, the free plan is unsuitable for any professional website. Therefore, it's not even worth the cost.

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The entire service is pricey for what you receive if you want to continue with the free plan because you'll have to use a WIX domain name and display advertisements on your website, both of which you have to pay extra to prevent.

6. Code Bloat and Slow Site Speed

According to a 2018 survey, out of 25 CMS platforms (including Weebly, Squarespace, WIX, and 22 others), WIX websites performed the worst out of all of them! If you are unfamiliar with looking at code, right-clicking on the website and selecting View Source on a WIX site will likely appear like The Matrix. For those who are, however, you will notice a significant amount of extra code. An abundance of JavaScript, an unstructured structure, and on-page CSS can cause a poorly performing website. These factors, when combined, can lead to lengthy load times and unsatisfactory search engine results.

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7. Wix Pretends Difficulties

I hear you suggest that this might be still another advantage. Although some users may find it appealing that they cannot break their website, web developers should not permanently hide complicated features. You must keep in mind that Google does not see a website the same way that we do.

While it is true that Google takes into account user experience when ranking pages, it also takes into account page structure, page names, and the information they provide about the page. Despite this, the majority of WIX websites suffer from the same issues. By hiding complicated options, you can concentrate on making your new website seem fabulous.


8. Complete inflexibility   

For those of you who have some expertise in designing websites, you will quickly realize how aggravating WIX's website constraints are. Even the tiniest changes, such as altering font or page layout design, are brutal when all you want to do is change the appearance of your website. This has to be one of our primary arguments for avoiding WIX, but we're not done yet.

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9. You're confined

You'll be locked in and stuck with the WIX website and any platform similar to it, which is one of the main reasons to avoid them! You'll have to stick with the template you select because you can't even alter it once the site has been published. This is because it's just not feasible to transfer your website from one of these website builder platforms to another or even to a platform.

10. Your website is not and never will be yours

The top recommendation out of ten against using WIX! When creating a Wix website, this is by far the most significant issue and the main reason to hunt for an alternative option. WIX website is a proprietary, closed-source program. Your website is and will always be WIX property; you will never own it. All you really have is a license to utilize WIX designs, which is revoked if you don't pay the required amount. However, what would happen to your website in the event that WIX filed for bankruptcy? Yes, as you predicted. Either you won't have a website at all, or WIX will determine what to do with you going forward.


In conclusion, even if Wix website builder makes creating websites easy and convenient, there might be better options for people looking for a scalable, adjustable, and professional online presence. The constraints pertaining to SEO proficiency, adaptability in design, and content ownership may impede enduring expansion and branding endeavors. Choosing a more capable website platform like Flexible Sites which gives you more flexibility, customization, and scalability, resulting in a website that will suit your changing demands and accurately represent your brand throughout time. 


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