The Hidden Employee Benefits for Small Businesses

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Would you like to know the secret recipe for hiring, retaining, and motivating your employees? One crucial element small businesses must consider bringing into their workplace: is employee benefits. While traditional forms of employee benefit packages such as health insurance and retirement plans are essential, they're not the only option available to employers!


 In this post, we'll look at eight hidden employee benefits for small businesses, explore how these can bring new life into your business culture, and how providing them doesn't have to break the bank!


Health Insurance- Provide your employees with comprehensive health insurance coverage to help them stay healthy and productive 


Health insurance is essential for small businesses to show their employees how much they appreciate them. Benefits packages that include comprehensive health coverage help employees stay physically healthy and provide peace of mind knowing their medical costs. Beyond improving the physical well-being of your team, providing a complete health package can also increase morale and lead to higher levels of productivity in the workplace. Many companies that have embraced benefits packages have reported a considerable drop in employee absenteeism and adequate cost controls over time. High-quality health insurance for your employees should be a priority for any business, big or small!


Retirement Savings - Help your employees plan for their retirement by providing a 401(k) or other retirement savings plan 


Retirement savings is essential for many employees, yet it can be difficult to start saving when there is a lack of guidance or resources. Offering options like a 401(k) or retirement savings plan to your employees can provide significant benefits for small businesses, such as improved employee satisfaction, recruitment opportunities, and loyalty. By helping your staff plan for the future, you're instilling confidence in them that their careers and financial security are seen as necessary by your business. It creates a trustful relationship between employer and employee—an essential ingredient for team success.


Paid Time Off - Offer paid time off so your employees can rest, relax, and recharge after a hard day


Employees are the lifeblood of any company, and offering paid time off is essential for their health and well-being. With paid time off, employees can take a break from the challenges of daily work and recharge their minds, rest their bodies, and relax to face each day with renewed energy and enthusiasm. It can lead to an improved work environment, sparking creativity while meeting deadlines. Additionally, it helps improve employee morale and job satisfaction, which can significantly benefit any organization. By offering paid time off, companies show appreciation for their employee's hard work and respectful company culture that everyone can appreciate.


Flexible Scheduling - Allow your employees to have flexible schedules so that they can pursue outside interests while still meeting their job requirements 


Allowing employees to design a flexible and personalized schedule can have numerous benefits for both the employer and the employee. A workplace with flexible scheduling empowers employees to have autonomy over their work assignments and hours - an attractive feature for job seekers and current employees alike. Additionally, a flexible schedule allows employees to explore outside interests while fulfilling their job requirements. As a result, it encourages them to stay engaged in the company's culture and progress toward reaching organizational goals. Plus, with increased exposure to other areas of life, workers are more likely to think differently about problems their organization faces, which can increase productivity and open new growth opportunities.


Commuter Benefits - Offer commuter benefits such as public transit passes or bike-sharing programs to help your employees get to work easier 


Commuter benefits are essential to show employees you care about their morale and well-being. Offering public transit passes or bike-sharing programs is a fantastic way for businesses to support their employees in getting to work quickly and more efficiently. It is an invaluable asset for those living in cities without easy access to public transport, saving them time and money for more meaningful life activities. With decreasing air quality levels due to traffic overloads and urban sprawl, providing these benefits could contribute positively toward reducing pollution. Ultimately, commuter benefits significantly improve work-life balance and promote workplace satisfaction - both of which help create a thriving work environment. 


Professional Development Opportunities - Give your staff access to professional development opportunities such as seminars, conferences, and workshops so they can expand their skillset


Investing in professional development opportunities for your employee is an essential part of workforce growth. Providing access to seminars, conferences, and workshops offers an excellent way to invest in your company's future. It can have a highly positive impact on both the morale and the productivity of your team, as employees will feel appreciated and valued for their efforts. Professional development opportunities also allow personnel to expand their existing skillsets, enabling them to take on various new roles and responsibilities as needed. In addition to increasing workplace knowledge, professional development is associated with enhanced job satisfaction and improved employee engagement, leading to beneficial outcomes for the organization.


Work from home - allow employees to work from home and save on commuting costs


Many businesses are looking for cost-saving strategies, and allowing employees to work from home can help in that endeavor. Not only can organizations save on the costs of office space, but they can also save money on gas and public transportation by allowing employees to work at home - eliminating commuting costs for both the employee and employer. Additionally, by allowing work from home, employers can open up their hiring options to people throughout a more extensive geographical scope who may not have been able to commute to a location. It widens the pool of applicants and provides more talent options for businesses. Ultimately, working from home offers numerous benefits regarding savings and access to a more extensive base of professionals.


Offer flexible working hours to attract and retain talent


Offering flexible working hours can be a great way to attract and retain talented professionals. It signals to potential recruits that the company values their well-being, as it allows team members to craft a schedule that fits into their lifestyle and circumstances. In addition, employees who can customize their working hours tend to be more productive due to improved focus, energy, and concentration while on the job. Flexible hours also reduce work stress and enhance job satisfaction, motivating talented workers to stay with an organization for the long term. Ultimately, accommodating when it comes to scheduling can help companies maximize productivity by ensuring everyone on the team is in peak mental condition when tackling tasks.


Final Say


With the correct combination of traditional and non-traditional employee benefits, small businesses can foster strong employee loyalty, motivation, and a competitive edge. Employee benefits don't necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg. There are ways to provide employees with valuable rewards that don't require huge investments. Companies should consider all available options, such as discounts on events or tickets, mentorship programs, flexible working hours, etc. Ultimately, investing in employee benefits shows your employees that their hard work is appreciated and rewarded— improving morale while giving them more incentive to succeed. To learn more about the best employee benefits for your business and how you can implement them without breaking the bank budget — contact Benefits for Small Businesses today!

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