How to Become an Amazon Affiliate and Sell More Online


The Amazon Affiliate Program (also known as Amazon Associate) is the easiest way to monetize your blog or website. You are required to sign up, gain approval and place your website link on the Amazon platform. You will be paid in commissions whenever anyone buys anything by clicking your affiliate links. 

What is the Amazon Affiliate program?

Amazon affiliate program is a type of affiliate marketing program providing bloggers and website owners the opportunity to make a free account on the site. Then they will be asked to put the product advertisement on their website. And when people click on their links to buy things from Amazon, the bloggers and website owners get the profit from it in referral fees.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing program in which niche website owners and bloggers get the chance to create unique product links with the help of an online retailer or company. The website owner is responsible for advertising and promoting the link or products the retailer company has provided. And in return, when people click on their links and buy products through them, they will get a referral fee from the retailing company. You can only profit when your link is being used for the product's sale or in a transaction.

Affiliate marketing is the best option for people with good websites or blogs. Because their content is the source of attention, people trust them for their suggestions. Links uploaded by them are the type of advertisement of the products, and they get paid for the ad.

The working process of the Amazon Affiliate Program

As mentioned above, bloggers and website owners are provided with unique product links in this program. They earn money by creating and posting these special links on their websites, promoting specific products, and driving the traffic back to Amazon.

Listed below are the following steps you need to follow to work as an affiliate market programmer:

  • Website owners or bloggers are to create an account on the Amazon platform as an Amazon affiliate.
  • Amazon provides a unique ID to the website owner or user.
  • After the approval of the website by Amazon, the website owner or associate can form the links and start posting them on the website.
  • On the other hand, the associate can post the links on different parts of their website, including blog posts or others.
  • They need to do the right thing to increase traffic on their website, including promoting the products using their content. Once people start noticing the website and click on the website to buy the product, the website owner will get paid for each click. It's like a commission fee for putting the advertisement and links on the website, and you will get paid when people buy the products by clicking on the links present on your website.

Rules and requirements of the Amazon Affiliate Program

You can discover a great way to monetize passion products or make income from your products by being an Amazon associate. However, Amazon also provides guidelines for people to follow before creating an account on the Amazon website. So it's vital to understand these guidelines first before making any move.

Most of the rules and regulations are given to stop people from making any fuss with the system or cheating with the system.

Here are the following rules and requirements are given by Amazon:

  • Link shorteners are not allowed to use on affiliate links
  • Avoid making false statements in your recommendations
  • Since the price of the products is frequently changing, it is not advisable to refer to the costs of the products

How to become an Amazon Affiliate

The whole process is explained below on how to become an Amazon affiliate or associate:

Creation of the website or blog

Active websites, blogs, or YouTube channels are a must for becoming an Amazon associate. Your website must be dynamic and authentic to pass the standards of the Amazon program. And it would help if you have ways to drive the traffic to your website by making content.

Sign up on the official website

The first thing required to express yourself on the Amazon website is to sign up. You need to make an official account on the website, and you can do that by clicking sign-up button on the website.

Enter account information and website address

You must provide all the information about your account and submit it on the website. Moreover, you need to explain your website and fill in the requirements mentioned on the account.

Explain the process of driving traffic

You are only going to get paid when people click the links on your website, and for this, you are required to increase the traffic on the account. Amazon demands to explain the process of driving traffic on the website.

Payment method

You need to choose the payment method from the options provided by the website.

Create Amazon Affiliate links

After making your account, you will be transferred to the personal associate homepage. And here, you can find the detail of your performance, including earnings, monthly summary, and clicks.

How to sell more online on Amazon

The following methods are listed below which helps you increase your sale on Amazon affiliate marketing:

Use the best images for advertisements

People get attracted to the best images of products to see them clearly and develop trust. Bad quality images are the major drawback of sales, especially online shopping. So you must pay attention to the quality of your images posted on the website.

Use of coupons

People love coupons during their shopping experience, and they prefer websites that offer quality coupons for their buyers.

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