Google down: A reminder that having a website is still the best backup plan


Google was down. Thankfully, it was only for less than an hour. When things like this happen, it is a huge reminder to small business owners and organizations who heavily rely on various platforms in building their audience that it can easily shut down one day. Though the chances of this happening is low, still, you have no control over the existence of any social media platform you use. That is why, having your own website is still a way to go.

TechCrunch mentioned in an article, that what happened with the Google outage is an “alarming reminder” of how a lot of people rely on a single proprietary provider, Google, for multiple services for productivity, entertainment, home, and utility. 

In the context of social media, Facebook and Instagram are owned by one company. Imagine building your audience on both platforms and finding out one day that it's shutting down and you have no backup plan on how to reconnect with your audience. Like mentioned earlier, the chances of it happening are low, but what if it does?

An article on Medium explains why you should not rely on social media alone. It breaks it down to three reasons, one of which is that “You don’t own the platform.” No one knows when the next outage will be and should be a good enough reason to diversify by building your own audience through your own website. Owning your website gives you the power to backup and rebuild if anything goes wrong. This will give your security and assurance that your business can stand on its own.


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