CPA Marketing: 5 Actionable Strategies to Grow Your Accounting Firm


Several CPA firms were founded by a single entrepreneur.  Before starting a business, these individuals had a solid reputation and a strong network.  With a founder's energy, focus, and network, the firm took off and grew quickly.

The firm plateaued soon after this.  New clients were no longer coming from the founder's Rolodex.  He then hired other CPAs and perhaps even acquired other practices.  However, this created a new problem.  The firm's partners didn't share the same vision for who to serve, what clients to serve, and how to position themselves for those clients. 

Leadership at the top of your organization is crucial to stimulating meaningful growth, as can someone who can implement a process and methodology. Many companies that I have worked with one that I have identified the following five practices that have the greatest impact on growth:

1. Identify Your Why And Get Clarity

I would put my bet on that you have a problem of “Why” if your firm is struggling to grow and attract the right clients.  Your why will never be understood until you can clearly and persuasively explain why they should choose you over the CPA firm down the street.

CPA firms can differentiate themselves by using dozens (if not more) of different approaches and ideas.  The easiest and effective approach is simply to answer this question: Why do we do what we do?

Entrepreneurs are successful because they produce similar results while others struggle.  The reason isn't just that entrepreneurs have more passion or are better at selling.  Perhaps all of that is true.  But what makes them stand out is their clear understanding of why they started the firm in the first place.  Unlike most founders, they do not question this.  Their firm exists because they started it. When new partners become involved, the why gets lost?  Your CPA firm should first determine why it wants to reengage growth.

2. Create A Detailed Portfolio Of Your Perfect Client

Your ideal client profile is a description of the type of client you are best suited to serving.  I speak with many CPA leaders who are confident that they understand who their clients are and why they purchase services.  Nevertheless, they gradually lose their confidence when I probe a little deeper and ask a few questions.

A client profile that is ideal for a CPA firm is crucial for two reasons.  Taking on the wrong clients will hinder your growth. First of all, you have too many potential clients you could serve.  In addition, a client profile helps you understand the services you should be offering beyond tax and audit, as well as how those services affect your ideal clients.  Here's why.

CPAs have a unique client acquisition model.  Only the CPA industry offers a core offering - tax returns - to the federal and state governments.  This is something no other industry offers.  It's both a blessing and a curse.  Tax returns are not likely to stop being requested anytime soon by the federal and state governments.  That means repeat business every year for you.

Although the marketplace is beginning to realize how much tax data is being crunched and analysed by artificial intelligence (AI).  

3. Enhance The Tax And Audit Process By Adding High-Value Services

Many CPA firms rely heavily on tax and audit services to generate revenue.  The problem is that this isn't enough.  Especially since AI is handling so much of what used to be done by humans.  A high-value service plan beyond tax and audit is essential if you don't already have one.

Consider using the ideal client profile process to help you determine which additional services you ought to offer. 

4. Build A Content Marketing Program Based On Insights From Your Team

A CPA firm used to put up a shingle, join a chamber of commerce, network at the country club, and watch clients come in.  This approach may no longer work today.  Yet, they are not sufficient in growing a CPA firm consistently.

A great digital presence is expected by prospective clients these days.  But even more than that, they want to familiarize themselves with a product before purchasing it.  It is important to know that you have ideas for potential ideal clients, which will help them attain their goals.

Herein lies the value of content marketing.  A lot of CPA firms have blogs.  Are they addressing the concerns of prospective clients?  These blogs have many "canned" pieces of content written for the masses and show up on the websites of numerous CPA firms, sometimes even within the same territory.  This will not work.

What is our best advice to achieve the top goals of our clients? You'll need to gather your best and brightest minds and ask them.  Your content marketing pieces can be crafted from these insights, making them irresistible to a prospective ideal client.

Some of the other effective ways to grow your CPA firm are to create a CPA Marketing Website, CPA Marketing Affiliate Programs, CPA Marketing Ads. These are effective ways to visit such places to get the right strategy and get connected with the CPA firms. People try to get linked with affiliate programs, and this is from your can gain popularity.

5. Take Advantage Of A Digital Marketing Stack That's Best In Class

The ultimate digital marketing stack is described by that acronym today.  You can easily update your website using a content management system (CMS).  Marketing automation refers to middleware that monitors and scores prospects' behavior.

Client relationship management is known as CRM. One of the most popular CRMs used for CPA marketing and growing is Salesforce.  Social media management is known as SMM.  Our clients have deployed these technologies and have given them insights and opportunities they couldn't have imagined just a few years ago.  The best digital marketing stack will help you grow your CPA firm.


Overall, one thing is pretty clear that digital marketing, portraying the right image of the client, and using multiple latest technologies, can help make the CPA Firm effective in its work.

Moreover, with the world-changing, new data and staying up-to-date with the latest trends have become more than important, and the strategies mentioned above can help any CPA firm grow themselves.

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