Best Influencer Marketing Statistics to Have on Your Radar

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Influencer marketing is a modern marketing phenomenon in which expert consumers serve as consultants to buyers seeking to make well-informed purchasing choices – and the power of influencers is growing by the day. There are many Influencer Marketing Statistics to Have on Your Radar.

Those early 2000s individuals have a white-knuckle hold on social media, which is one of the key venues for influencers to flex their marketing muscles. Social media has created a whole digital universe in which teenagers socialize, produce, and consume during the last ten years. They mostly conduct their interactions and make most of their decisions online, and they are now of the age to create and sell items and services. The intelligent marketer will keep an eye on the rate of influencer marketing's growth and keep track of the facts that will aid in the creation of a successful influencer marketing plan and campaign.

We've uncovered some exciting Influencer Marketing Statistics to Have on Your Radar to get you thinking about influencer campaigns and research:

Influencer Marketing Helps Brands Become More Popular

If your company resonates with an influencer's followers, you must form a relationship with them and create campaigns in line with their beliefs. Marketers also say that 51% of the time that influencer marketing enables them to get better consumers.

Facebook – The Most Powerful Social Media Platform

More than 2.89 billion people worldwide use Facebook every month, making it one of the most powerful social media platforms. Although other social media platforms are catching up to the mammoth, Facebook dominates, thanks partly to its ownership of Instagram and WhatsApp. Maintaining a presence on Facebook and interacting with critical influencers is essential to growing your fan base.

On Twitter, Influencers Increased Purchase Intent by 5.2%

When conducting influencer marketing research, you need to know which social media networks are best suited for promoting your company and where your target audience is most likely to be located. Influencers increased purchase intent by 5.2% when combined with brand tweets, compared to 2.7% when brand tweets are showed.

Almost three-quarters of marketers believe that working with influencers is beneficial to their businesses.

Campaigns utilizing influencers should not be one-and-done affairs. A recent survey by Mediakix found that nearly three-quarters (upto 70%) of marketing professionals think they're excellent for the bottom line. If you can establish a long-term relationship with them and make them brand ambassadors, their message becomes more trustworthy rather than promotional. If an influencer sees your brand as reliable, it will increase your brand's credibility.

Ad-Blocking Technology is used by 42% of customers.

Traditional advertising is becoming less and less common on the Internet. There is a 37 percent laptop and 15 percent mobile ad-blocking usage in the US because customers are fed up with being flooded with pop-ups and banners. There is a void that influencers have filled. Instead of ignoring videos from their favorite social media stars, people are engrossed in what they say and aren't blocking any of them. Real individuals and social media influencers are taking over the advertising industry.

By 2022, Influencer Marketing is expected to generate $13.8 billion in revenue.

Influencer marketing has grown extremely in the last two years as a business model. It previously at $1.7 billion in 2016, but the business is expected to reach $13.8 billion by 2022 as the industry grows and becomes more efficient. Because of this expansion, influencer marketing will need to change how campaigns are monitored, generate analytics to scale efforts, and manage relationships between businesses and influencers.

Because of this, TikTok has set up a $1 billion Creator Fund.

In 2020, TikTok announced the TikTok Creator Fund to support artists who want to use their distinctive voices and creativity to make a living on the platform. TikToker is rewarded for delivering joy to large audiences via this fund, which needs creators to have at least up to 100,000 views in a month to be eligible. Over the next three years, the fund is predicted to grow from $200k to $1B in the United States. Brand collaborations, sponsorships, and representation deals are the primary sources of income for these influencers. They included Chef Matt Broussard, "Kombucha gal" Brittany Tomlinson, and prankster David Dobrik as early beneficiaries.

Social media is used by 86% of women for purchasing advice

Any brand with women as the primary target audience or a group of ideal customers should pay attention to this figure. To get more women to buy your product or service, it appears that you must be active on social media and be aware of the influencers they follow. Seventy-eight percent of women are engaged on social media, with a preference for Snapchat and Instagram, and this habit is increasing. More than half of women influenced their purchases when it comes to influencer marketing. Influencers must be authentic and inspiring to connect with this demographic.

Influencers are trusted by 70% of teenagers more than traditional celebrities.

Brands find it difficult to gain the same degree of trust as influencers, but influencer marketing can transfer trust to your company. So much so that four out of ten teenagers' followers believe their favorite influencer knows them better than their peers. Another advantage of influencer marketing is that brands can avoid wasting resources on self-promotion by having influencers speak on their behalf and deliver the message they would like people to hear and trust.

Major brands intend to increase their influencer marketing budgets.

Influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular as brands and marketers recognize the significant effects it can create. This has increased spending, with 71% of marketers aiming to boost their budgets in the coming year and the majority choosing to work with micro-influencers. Not only is spending increasing to help raise brand awareness, reach new audiences, and promote brand advocacy, but it's also quickly becoming a key channel, with many marketers establishing campaign KPIs to track success.


It is not too late to join the crowd and launch an influencer marketing campaign. Develop a strategy that involves some of your industry's most powerful influencers, and demonstrate how beneficial and valuable your product or service is to them. And find your way in influencer marketing like others.

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