8 Best Email Hosting Services for Business In 2022

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Emils are an important part of the business. While running a business, owners receive and send thousands of emails, and it isn't easy to handle them. Moreover, the email of your company or business represents your domain and helps in maintaining or developing your credibility. Hence small and huge businesses need to handle their email hosting professionally. So when the clients receive the email with your company name, they can search it directly by clicking on it.

What is meant by email hosting, and why is it required?

A hosting email service is defined as one that provides the management of the email server of a company or business. You can access an email hosting server by signing up for the email hosting service available on the internet. Some servers are free, while others charge the customers for their work and services. You are required to have a domain name to utilize an email service. Email hosting service helps you manage, send, and maintain your email account.

In most cases, huge companies and businesses have customized their email servers to ensure that customers receive the emails on time. However, it's not the case for small businesses. Many email hosting services are available on the internet to provide email hosting servers to the owners according to their needs.

Reasons behind going business hosting services

While running a business on an online platform, the image and reputation of the company means a lot and impacts the progress of the industry in different ways, so you must pay proper attention to this aspect.

Business hosting services help you a lot in this regard. By using free hosting services like Gmail, people may doubt the legitimacy of your business and your attitude towards your business. People also develop trust issues with the companies due to cybercrimes, and that's not something you want for your business.

So it's important to hire business hosting servers instead of free services available on the internet. Investing your money in reliable hosting services will save you from a bad reputation and also helps maintain your business emails and other things. It's beneficial for your business as well as for the customers.

Best Email Hosting Services in 2022

The following eight best email hosting services for business in 2022:

Google Workspace

The first option is Google workspace. It's almost similar to Gmail but with more advanced features. It is a modern, refined, and sophisticated form of Gmail. It is Google cloud-based application, and it allows you to do multiple tasks with its unique features and options. The services provided by Google workspace include chat, dive, calendar, sheets, slides, meet, and many other things.

It is considered one of the best and most important internet services with many active users. You can also include multiple third-party users in Google workspace without facing additional charges.

Google workspace offers a free trial of its services, and you can choose from various packages according to your needs.

Cloudways Rackspace email hosting service

This is suitable for small businesses as they provide business-class services for small-scale companies. It is most reliable for customers who want dedicated email servers to handle their email campaigns. They give both Rackspace and Outlook email services to their users. However, there is a difference in the price range of these two servers.

The best thing about this hosting service is that it completely protects data and does not sell your data. Moreover, they provide different filters to keep your inbox safe from spam and junk. Using Rackspace services, you can access chat services, a ticketing system, and in-phone support.

Zoho Mail

Zoho mail is a good alternative for customers who are not comfortable with Google workspace, and it provides the same features as other hosting services. It provides both free and paid email hosting services; however, they are different. The features offered by the free service are on a basic level, including sending and receiving emails, and you cannot set up a business account or custom domain service. However, you can have a custom domain name for the emails with paid service. They offer different features, including Zoho Docs cloud storage and Zoho office suite.

Yandex Mail

Yandex is a Russian-based email hosting service perfect for clients or companies who demand customized domain names for their email. It is fast, reliable, flexible, and even cheaper than other reliable email hosting services. The prominent feature of Yandex is that it provides you with three email users on a website and 1000 free accounts for an organization. You can attain the options according to your needs and setup. You can connect with Yandex mail, and it provides a free storage service. Some other important services offered by this hosting service are track tissues, wiki, calendar, forms messenger, and cloud disk. It has various protecting software to protect your inbox from the virus.

Office 365 Outlook

It is best for people who are Microsoft users as Office 365 Outlook offers different necessary and related tools, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. They provide a hosting email account premium, and you can also get your custom domain name. To enhance productivity, they offer different tools, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, and Publishers.


Mailgum is specially created for software developers, and it's quite famous among Cloudways users as it allows them to share and receive emails in bulk and enhances engagement dramatically.

However, it is also considered that Mailgum is simply a mail API that only allows you to send and receive emails and track them. It does not enable burst sending, but it provides the complete protection of data and emails and always keeps you safe.

It also provides an excellent feature of arranging your emails according to the nature and data of the mails in the inbox when they receive the mails by their predicting software.


SendGrid is also considered a cloud-based SMTP provider that provides ease for customers in arranging their emails and inbox. It is also a good option for Cloudways users because it handles all the technical issues, including managing the infrastructure and scaling the email needs.

It is reliable and trustworthy and it handles more than 45,000 paying customers and trillions of email transactions.


ScalaHosting is considered a secure and deliverable business hosting service. It provides many benefits by having email boxes in a separate cloud environment with ScalaHosting. ScalaHosting is famous for giving spam filters and also helps in delivering brand awareness. In addition, it creates ease in connecting people with the company by transferring their requests and questions to the company as soon as possible. Furthermore, it provides the best security service against cybercrime. They follow simple logic and methods, inspect codes and catch suspicious activities to offer safety against the hackers.

Benefits of Business Hosting Services

Business hosting services play a major role for companies in handling emails and protecting different internet components, including viruses, hackers, and cybercriminals.

These are the following benefits of business hosting services:

Developing trust

Due to pandemic in previous years, there has been a vast increase in online businesses. With many options, it becomes difficult to compete and maintain your position in the market. People are adopting online shopping more frequently in 2022, and business owners need to attract the attention of their customers.

The first step is developing trust. If you want your customers to take your brand seriously and stand out, then an anonymous identity is not enough for you. With business email, you get the opportunity to get recognized by your customers in the best way, which is the best way to lead your business to success.

Protection of Sensitive Business Data

There is no protection in a free email hosting service, and you cannot blame or trust the protection of your information about the business. They lack a sound security system or plan and also do not give you full control of the system.

On the other hand, you can feel at ease and relax by using paid email hosting services as they offer different data protection software and systems to provide you with the best security. It protects your business from cyberbullying, viruses, and other related problems. Hence, you must not consider free business hosting services as they can make your business vulnerable.


By using a good business email hosting server, you can create a strong brand identity by advertising the name of your business or company. It makes your brand trustworthy and reliable for customers and develops customer trust.

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