3 Things To Keep In Mind When You Pivot Your Business During This Pandemic

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This pandemic affected everyone’s lives. The world has never been the same. Whenever we go out of the house, we need to have masks, face shields, and our sanitizers with us. We needed to adapt to the new normal. Since people’s behaviors and routines have drastically changed over the past few months, this affected most businesses. A cafe that usually gets a thousand customers a day might be getting less than a hundred now. The once filled streets are almost empty now. The gyms where people used to freely exercise and be around friends are now a place of cautiousness where everyone is keeping a safe distance and disinfecting every equipment used. Things have changed. In order to survive, businesses have no choice but to adapt; businesses need to pivot.

Pivoting means that you have to let go of the systems and structures you’re used to within your business. How exactly will you do that? Here are some things you should know when you pivot your businesses:

  1. The pandemic created a trend
    Now that a good number of people are now working from home and most classes have transitioned online, people heavily rely on the internet. Plus the fact that people are encouraged to stay at home, there’s no other way to get connected and entertained but through the internet. Thus, creating opportunities where your business can capitalize on. According to Entrepreneur, “Companies have shifted to using online storefronts and mobile apps to interact with customers. Those that embrace this new digital lifestyle stand to outpace their competition that is patiently waiting for physical meeting spaces to reopen.” So instead of waiting around, focus on how you can move your business to the digital world.

  2.  There are new problems to be solved
    Our current situation has opened a new set of problems. It’s for you to figure out what these problems are and look for ways to ease and solve them. In an article by CNN, Ultraworking did just that! One of the problems people are struggling with, especially now with the work from home trend, is being able to concentrate and be productive. People are not accustomed to merging personal and workspace. So, how did they solve this problem? Ultraworking developed an online coworking space for those who want to stay motivated and productive when working at home. They were able to identify a problem and create a solution through a platform where people can gather in a zoom meeting and a moderator initiates breaks and interaction among members. This makes working from home a better experience for their users.

  3. Identify what service/s you will need
    Venturing into the digital space will require help from experts in the field. As a business owner, you should focus on important matters, so you need to have a reliable service provider. One of the most important and basic things a business should have is a website. The website should clearly show who you are, what you can offer, and all the basic information. It should be easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and affordable. Another way of pivoting is by developing your own mobile application to support and complement your business. These are very good investments and getting the best team to make these happen is also very crucial for your business. You have to look for the best team that sees your vision and shares your values.

During this difficult time, the only way to keep businesses afloat is to pivot and adapt. This may be intimidating, but with the right information and team, you can have a thriving business despite the pandemic. 

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