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For $300 a year you receive website hosting, database maintenance, CMS dashboard and a team for support and new features.


Hiring a web developer can be expensive and time consuming. We offer you technical assistance at an affordable cost when you need us. Our team handles all technical aspects so that you can focus on your mission.


Our platform helps you build your brand recognition and reputation. Your website can scale from a simple one-page website to promote your startup to a fully functioning SaaS/PaaS product.

Small Business

You can deliver excellent customer service by providing real-time information and improved processes for clients with FlexibleSites. Stay ahead of the competition by keeping your website current and looking professional.

Content Management System

Maintaining Your Content Couldn't Be Easier

Using our content management system, you control the content of your website and make changes when you want. Add and edit various field types including HTML/text, images, links and much more.

  • User-friendly interface for easier content editing
  • Simple workflow and publishing for dynamic content
  • User management for secure access to your content
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Custom Development

Responsive Sites That Scale

Your website should grow with your business/organization. Say goodbye to limitations with other platforms. Let us handle updating your site designs, adding features and integrating new functionality. We provide scaling for your website and our team is always improving the platform to meet your needs for the present and the future. The customer support team is available to assist with any issues or requests for your website via email, chat or phone.

Custom Integrations

We provide custom development if your site needs any changes or to work with a third-party API

Progressive Web Support

Our sites can be built to include progressive web app functionality for an improved mobile experience


Responsive Design
Mobile Optimized
Blazing Fast
High Performance
Secure Site Hosting (SSL cert. included)
Custom Domain
Content Dashboard
Database Maintenance
Developer Support
Custom Integrations Available
Custom Template/Design
One-time Setup Fee$199$499
Monthly Subscription$30 per month$30 per month
Annual Subscription$300 (2 months free)$300 (2 months free)
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